• Spring is in the air! This means: warmer temperatures, blooming trees and flowers, and lots of sunshine and happiness. And…we can bet that you’re not exactly thinking about your gutters. But, here’s the thing: you absolutely should be. To ensure that your gutter is functioning after a long winter, it’s important to be on the lookout for potential repairs that may be needed. You’ll also need to do some necessary maintenance. Sound annoying? Never fear, M&C Roofing is here! Our roofing experts have come up with some helpful tips, for all your spring gutter repair & maintenance needs.


    • Clean away the debris. Especially after a long, hard winter, we’re betting that your gutters are positively overflowing with unwanted debris. Take the time to clear away all the leaves and other excess materials that are clogging your gutters and downspouts. This will help prevent any possible future damage, and will keep your gutters working smoothly – an essential part of the overall protection of your home.
    • Check for damage. Once the ice has started to melt from your home and you can finally see the sun again, it’s time to check for any gutter-related damages that may have occurred.
    • Call a professional. When in doubt, call a pro! A roofing expert can help you make sure that your gutter system wasn’t damaged over the long winter.

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