• How to Tell If Your Roof Has Hail Damage

    Roof InspectionWhen it comes to hailstorms, most homeowners simply worry about their vehicles that were left outside. While the damage to your vehicle is entirely possible, you should never forego checking the roof for hail damage. Hailstorms are known to be quite destructive, and the damage inflicted can vary.

    There are some factors that lend their hand to hail damage in the home, including:

    • Wind – In the middle of a hailstorm, the wind direction and speed can change very quickly, without any notice. These changes affect the overall location and the severity of hail strikes.
    • Size – The size of the hail will be the main factor in the damage being dealt. Larger chunks of hail will create larger dents or holes. Hail does not have smooth edges, so the impact can vary greatly.

    What Does the Damage Look Like?

    Depending on the material, the appearance of the damage inflicted by hail will vary. For asphalt, look for random damage without any pattern. Hail will often leave a hint of black against the material, and the impact may be soft to touch, almost like that of an apple that has been bruised. The material of your roof makes all the difference.

    • Building Material – The building material used on your roof will be a major factor when it comes to damage. Hail will generally cause dents in aluminum siding, gutters, or on asphalt shingles. For vinyl siding or wood, the material may simply crack.

    Missing Shingles

    Many think that you will have missing shingles after a hail strike, but this is actually not the case. For the most part, missing shingles stem from strong winds, not hail strikes. With a hail strike, the damage may not be discovered for years. No leakage will usually form after a strike for at least a year after the storm, which will have been forgotten by then.

    If you experienced a significant hailstorm and are worried about damage to your roof, consider calling M&C Roofing for an inspection. You can reach us at 770-266-7720