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    Why worry about roofing? In far too many cases, a roof doesn’t get any attention until water begins leaking into the building. This is especially true with roofs of commercial buildings, where flat roofs and parapet walls truly put roofing issues out of sight and (thus) out of mind. 

    At M&C Roofing, we urge all building owners NOT to ignore roofing problems that can easily result in substantial damage to the structure and its contents. Our expert technicians are ready to inspect your roof and provide you with a detailed assessment of its condition. If you require roof repairs, roof replacement or a new roof, we want to be your go-to contractor for all commercial roofing work.

    Call M&C  Roofing to setup a consultation for commercial roofing replacement, repair, or installation in Atlanta GA , Monroe GA, Athens GA, Watkinsville GA, Covington GA, Snellville GA, Decature GA, Lawrenceville GA, Conyers GA, Sauwnee GA and Metro Atlanta.


  • Repair

    Roof leaks, storm damage, HVAC destruction and other roof system malfunctions are some of the most dreaded and unexpected surprises for any building owner or manager. Administering upkeep for a building is no easy task and you need a pro Roof Repair Contractor in Atlanta GA , Monroe GA, Athens GA, Watkinsville GA, Covington GA , Conyers GA, Snellville GA, Lawrenceville GA,  and throughout metro Atlanta, to make sure your roof is properly maintained. Repeated roofing problems lead to frustrated employees and tenants who not only complain, but also lose confidence in the building managers and their contractors. As a commercial property owner, it's important to find best commercial roof repair, the first time, without the frustrating repeat service calls to inadequate roofing contractors. 


  • Replacement

    For quality, affordable, and fast commercial roof replacement Contractor in Atlanta GA , Monroe GA, Athens GA, Watkinsville GA, Covington GA , Conyers GA, Snellville GA, Lawrenceville GA,  and throughout metro Atlanta, affordable, and fast. Call M&C  Roofing . We offer all types of commercial roof replacement systems to businesses throughout metro Atlanta. Our team can replace low-slope, flat, or steep-slope TPOBUR, EPDM, PVCmetalfoam, coatings, modified bitumen, composition shingles, and any other type of commercial roof. We’ll work with you to find a solution that meets your needs. Our roofing experts provide inspections for existing roofs, which allows us to make the right recommendations on repairmaintenance, or replacement., call M&C Roofing today for a free quote.

  • Maintenance

    Replacing a roof on a commercial facility is a huge investment and rarely in the budget. This is why annual roof inspections are extremely important. A successful roof management program should consist of periodic inspections and regularly scheduled maintenance. Annual inspections and routine maintenance reduce ownership costs, reduce leak frequency and severity, extend roof life, and reduce management inefficiencies. It sounds like it all makes sense, but most organizations overlook the importance of annual inspections. A commercial roof system is similar to a car in the way that a car doesn't run to its full potential without performing routine maintenance such as an oil change or tire rotations. But why do most organizations not have a routine maintenance plan? Out of sight, out of mind. If the roof isn't leaking yet, then there must not be a problem, right? Wrong. If action is delayed until a leak starts or damage is visible, then then cost to fix the situation has already become extensive.